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We provide numerous solutions in aluminium works

Top quality and professionalism

Our company provides numerous solutions in aluminium works. We strive to represent top standards and to create a benchmark of quality for our products. Our professionalism is reflected in all segments of our business activity. We are supplying our costumers with best quality products and services. Constant trend monitoring and dedication to development have made our company strong and well known and recognised in aluminium construction business.

We have 80 adequately educated employees in 3 departments: Technical department, Administration service, and Production and Assembly department.

Vrhunska kvaliteta i profesionalnost
Proizvodni prostor

All departments of our company (production, warehouse, administration, purchase, sale) are situated in the zone „Dravska“ intended for production and business purposes in Koprivnica, Croatia.


Glass facades

Ventilated facades

Aluminium metalwork

Glass fences

Automatic gates

Technical protection

Aluminijski radovi

Aluminium works

Biggest share of our portfolio is dedicated to aluminium works. High quality aluminium doors and windows, as well as the entire aluminium metalwork program, are produced from selected materials of renowned manufacturers.

The quality and efficiency of our mechanical workshop comes from our new machines, trained employees and constant trends monitoring both in Croatia and throughout Europe. Ligo group d.o.o. can provide complete service for customers, answer all questions about products and services, technical informations, and more.

Aluminijski radovi
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